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  1. What I got- Nintendo Wii (with a couple games), The Office calendar, Superbad, A Rubik's cube (that I solved tonight! :| ), Chi hair iron, jewelry, clothes, money, gifts cards, etc. What I gave- Sister: A bike she's been annoying me for. Mom: Getting her a d&b purse. Little brother: Mario Party 8. Boyfriend: Guns 'n Roses boxers, a ping pong table set thing and an original NES that he lost earlier this year. Best friend: Breakfast at Tiffany's poster Very good Christmas!
  2. "Patience" - Guns N' Roses Absolutely adore that song! "Banana Pancakes" - Jack Johnson "Letters To You" - Finch "Chasing Cars" - Snow Patrol "This Modern Love" - Bloc Party "Warning Sign" - Coldplay "Brighter Than Sunshine" - Aqualung "Something" - The Beatles "Look After You" - The Fray "I Caught Fire" - The Used And my personal favorite at the moment... "Whole Wide World" - Wreckless Eric
  3. MikeyFan

    Knocked Up

    Wasn't that great. Not sure if I was just looking foward to it too much or what...I mean, I laughed a bit but it was just okay. Then again, the only movie I've ever laughed a whole lot at the theatre was Wedding Crashers. Classiiiiiic.
  4. Here's the thing though- the only reason you'd approach someone (without ever having met them) is based on looks. No matter how much you deny it...unless you're introduced by a friend or someone else...the only reason you'd voluntarily go up to someone is based on some sort of physical attraction. There's no way of knowing someone's personality based on looks, and I know that no one would just randomly start talking to someone unless you liked them and/or they liked you (and you just don't know it yet). I have plenty of guy friends that I don't like, but most of them I either liked at some point or they liked me. I think it's just something that happens.
  5. I've stayed friends w/ my ex's, and one of you always wants the other back, and with me sometimes it's shifted between the people. Example: That's exactly why I can never be friends with them. Because no matter how much you try to be nice and not completely cut them off, I feel like that just gives them hope of some sort. I don't think it's possible to have a mutual break up, and so one of them is always going to want the other back. Then again, I don't think guys and girls can be just friends. Unless you have mutual friends of some sort, there's no way guys and girls can be JUST friends.
  6. I have the $20 plan which has unlimited internet and 1000 messages to anyone besides Cingular, and then an extra $5 for unlimited texts to any Cingular customer. So I'm pretty sure the $5 thing would probably be unlimited texts but only to other Cingular people. I know the unlimited texts to everyone is at least $20.
  7. MikeyFan

    The Number 23

    It wasn't horrible...I think the biggest problem was that they didn't build up the "defining" moment enough..it was just like...oh. I don't know, it was just missing something. Not too bad, though.
  8. I hate this! I want it to be cold, damn it.
  9. Best chick flick ever, haha. I can see why guys wouldn't like it...but man, I think every girl can relate. Loved it!
  10. Why am I not as excited as I should be? Usually I'm happy as hell when any info is out about the books. Maybe as it gets closer... Also, if Harry dies...the last 6 books would be totally pointless. I mean, honestly, why put the kid through 6 years of torture and then kill him? That's just mean. :|
  11. Oh, the famous "emo" word. Anywho, I wasn't really impressed with any specific album this year. Despite being an absolute huge fan of Taking Back Sunday, Louder Now was not exaclty their best stuff...disappointing. Stadium Arcadium, Sound The Alarm (Saves The Day) and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (Brand New) are probably the few I've really enjoyed. Lately, it feels like albums are just being put out there cause they have to. Like the new Incubus...it seems forced. Maybe it's just me?
  12. Wowwwwww. Thanks so much! That's going on my MySpace, haha. :]
  13. Haha, I was actually going to ask if you guys could make just the audio file to put on my iPod.
  14. I'm a bit obsessed with TBS, haha. That's actually pretty cool! Your friend has a really awesome voice. Did you guys go to their concert over the summer? I went to the one in Pompano...amazing. They're so awesome live. I can go on and on about them. My dorm is like a TBS shrine, lol. My ex went to their concert in Boston (the disorientation thing) and got me a shirt signed by Mark (the dummer). My mission in life now is to get all of them to sign it. :thumbup
  15. Is it me or does that look like Beckett in the 3rd picture? >< Nice job, btw!
  16. MikeyFan


    What the hell is a Publix? The greatest supermarket ever. :thumbup They're making the one by my house a lot bigger but it sucks cause now the closest one (while they fix this one up) is kinda far. Boooo!
  17. Funny...cause um, I HATE ketchup. I mean, I absolutely hate it. How about this: my brother chases me around the house with a ketchup bottle when he's trying to get me back for something, lol. But I don't scream or anything, and I don't run away anywhere else...it's kind of a joke I guess. But yeah, I really, really hate it...yet I'd never go to that extreme. I've had people spill a tiny bit on me before and I don't really mind...I just don't enjoy eating it (at all). These people are just um...a little too dramatic.
  18. MikeyFan

    The Omen

    I wanted to go last night but it was sold out everywhere....gaaaah. I'm probably going this weekend though.
  19. Scorpion King Toy Story Saw Titanic Anaconda
  20. :barf That's so effin sick. Ew.
  21. Just got back...good stuff! I thought it was pretty funny and different. Johnny O was hilarioussssss, especially towards the end. Overall...pretty good.
  22. I graduated the 25th...feels reeeeeeally nice. Can't wait for UF though.
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