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The Deali-o With Matt


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From Rajah:


Last night on RAW, Matt Hardy made his return to WWE by jumping Edge and verbally ripping on Edge, Lita and WWE. The appearance, which was the start of a ?worked shoot? storyline, confirms Matt Hardy is back with WWE in some capacity.


Right now, there is a lot of speculation as to the whole Matt/Edge/Lita situation. Was this whole thing a big setup? When did Matt agree to return to WWE? What about TNA? We have obtained the following information, which sheds some light on each of these questions:


* This almost definitely started out as a real life situation. Lita did cheat on Matt with Edge and Matt was really fired from WWE in April.


* The agreement between WWE and Matt was reached within the past week. Matt has been weighing his options, with working for TNA and/or Ring of Honor as very legitimate possibilities.


* WWE has been measuring Matt Hardy?s value for months. The ?We Want Matt? and ?You Screwed Matt? chants were the first signs that Hardy did have a strong following. WWE writers were forced to pair Edge and Lita together as heels based on crowds turning against the two as a result of their treatment of Matt. Paul Heyman?s ?Matt Hardy? reference to Edge at ECW?s One Night Stand PPV and Matt Hardy?s entrance video playing at Edge and Lita?s wedding were also opportunities to test the waters of Hardy?s potential. The massive crowd reactions showed WWE management that bringing Hardy back would be very profitable.


* It appears Matt?s decision was based on several factors. TNA offered him a very generous deal, with the promise of being a featured main-event performer in a growing company. He would have caused a big scene in TNA and would have also had the opportunity to work with his brother Jeff for the first time in several years. Unfortunately, TNA has been unable to secure a national television deal. They are expected to announce an agreement with Spike TV, but as of now, nothing has been formalized. Without a TV deal, TNA?s appeal took a hit. Matt ultimately went with the ?sure thing? - big money and the guaranteed national exposure that only WWE can offer.


* Sources at RAW report that Matt Hardy did not have much of a presence backstage at the show. He simply showed up, worked his angle, and left. If he did communicate with Edge and Lita, it was done in a very private setting.


* Matt will make all of his upcoming scheduled indy dates. He will next be seen this Saturday in Ring Of Honor. It is unknown for how long WWE will allow Hardy to work outside dates as part of the ?anti-WWE? gimmick.

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