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Random News That's Not All That Interesting


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Credit: PWInsider.com


Thanks to JJ for the following:


Here are a few details on guys at Smackdown. Current Chaotic Champion and former ECWA Champion "The Shooter" Mike Kruel faced Simon Dean. Chaotic Wrestling's Arch Kincaid, Matt Logan, and Handsome Johnny all appeared in the background of the Eddie Guerrero vignette. And current Chaotic Training Center student, Tommasso Whitney was the lawyer for Hassan with the Undertaker.


Thanks to Andy Stevens for the following:


ProWrestlingGames.com has an exclusive official box art for the next WWE video game for Playstation, SmackDown vs. RAW 2006. This does not look like the final design however it is the first design ideas and is being currently used as the temporally box art it will most likely have additions to the cover as making of the game progresses.


Thanks to Jen for the following:


Stacy is on the cover of this month's Men's Edge magazine, which you can see by visiting mensedgehhc.com. Christy Hemme is on the cover of this month's issue of Ms. Fitness, which you can see by visiting msfitness.com.


Thanks to Dave Nguyen for the following:


I would like to tell you guys that Rob Van Dam has updated his website at www.robvandam.com. He comments on the upcoming appearance at Matt Hardy's comic book store and other items.


Thanks to Mike Johnson for the following:


About Matt Hardy's official website, TheMattHardy.com, the word we are getting from a source close to the situation is that it was pulled due to a bandwidth issue. The Raw appearance on Monday basically overloaded the server and took it offline.


Credit: WrestlingObserver.com


Several reports indicate that the Velocity main-event this week of Chris Benoit vs. William Regal is one of the best straight wrestling matches WWE has had on television in a long time. Many remember Benoit and Regal from their infamous match at the Brian Pillman memorial show, which is the match that ultimately got Regal back into WWE.


Mikey Whipwreck and another former ECW wrestler yet to be revealed will headline Friday night's PWF Northeast show in Quincy, MA at the National Guard Armory. The only hint on the other ECW wrestler is that he is someone Whipwreck feuded with during the original ECW run.


FMC airs the movie, "Princess Bride" with Andre the Giant tomorrow at 4:00PM EST.


Billy Gunn recently spoke out against Triple H in an article at DailyMail.com, where he says "He's God and he's got control up there. He'll use it to his full potential and he'll stab you in the back."

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