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My day at Wanna Do City...


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Yesterday I got to work at 7:30 thinkin' we were going to leave early but I was wrong. A bunch of kids didn't even come until 8:30 so we left at 9:00, later than we were supposed to. We got there at about 10:30 and the kids ran off to do whatever. Every non-student was assigned a group of kids to watch over and my group of 12 was freakin' awesome. Why were they awesome? Because most of them listen to me because I'm so damn cool. They all split up and I stayed with 5 of them because if I didn't, I'd be bored. We walk around and every place they go to throws me out because I'm not a kid. I didn't want to do anything but they were so rude about it and all I wanted todo was watch over my kids. So we keep walking and some guy just pulls everyone into a line for a movie. We didn't know what the hell we were supposed to do in there until they told us it was a play. So I laughed at my kids until the guy that was in charge said they needed a crocodile in their Peter Pan play.




I didn't have any lines, but the outfit was so hot and the mask thingy was broken so I couldn't see in forward. So when they called me I was supposed to be chasing some people but I couldn't see crap so I calmly walked across stage. I felt like so stupid when the lady walks up to me and says "YOU'RE THE OLDEST ONE SINCE I'VE BEEN WORKING HERE!" She was so excited about it. I was thinking "Wow, I don't give a s***, get me out of here." After that we kept walking around and I kept getting thrown out. I was sitting outside waiting for my kids and I look on the floor to find Wanna Do money (Whatever it's called. Wangs? WTF?) sitting there. I pick it up and give it to my group member not even knowing who's it was. I run into a little girl from my camp and she tells me that she lost her money. I asked her how much it was and it was the same as the amount I found. I took the money from the little kid I had given it to (Suprisingly, he didn't care or complain) and gave it to the girl. She was so happy but didn't even say thank you. After a lot of nothing, we left at around 3:00 and got back at 5:00.


That was my Wanna Do experience. Boring story I know. I could type more but I would put everyone to sleep. At least the Bus rides were funny. The bus had a radio and whenever a song came on, it seemed the WHOLE bus knew it so they all sang together which was gold. Little kids dancing not knowing how funny they look = Priceless.

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