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My 2005 tampa bay devil rays


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pitching rotation


jeff weaver

freddy garcia

victor zambrano

horacio ramirez

mark buerhle


albert pujols

carlos beltran

ryan howard

joe crede

gary sheffield

pat burrell

carlos lee

josh willingham

brandon larson

travis lee

dee brown

jason maxwell

travis lee

johhny gomes




tom gordon

mark hendrickson

giovanni carrara

edwin jackson

travis harper

lance carter


and i havent even traded huff away but hes on the dl got injured the rest of the season and i recently lost taylor tankersly to a career ending injury


my preivious trade was


clint barmes

chase utley

david wright

jason bay


for pujols

and beltran im currently on a 3 game winning streak. :)

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I also use the rays


my lineup


Carl Crawford LF

Alfonso Soriano 2B

Matt Seanez C(was a CF down in single A when I started my franchise)

Aubrey Huff 1B

Hank Blalock 3B

B. J Upton SS

Delmon Young RF

Craig Monroe DH

Joey Gathright CF



Javier Vazquez

Scott Kazmir

Dewon Brazelton

Jorge Sosa

Hayden Penn



Pat Snow(was a stud all through the minors, rotation is doin well for him to be a starter)

Jose Capellan

Huston Street

Fernando Cabrera

Chad Harville

Jessie Crain

Mike Johnson

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