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Earl Hebner Fired!


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Earl Hebner was fired by WWE Monday after allegedly selling merchandise without authorization.


Dave Hebner has NOT been fired although he has apparently been disciplined for being a part of the act.


Hebner had refereed most main events on PPV for the past decade. More as we get it.



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As noted yesterday, TNA is expected to announce a TV deal with Spike TV, possibly as early as today. The timeslot would be Saturday nights after UFC.


The SmackDown! crew is in Baltimore, MA tonight. If you are attending the tapings and would either be willing to call us live or email a report in, please contact me at Webmaster@ProWrestlingScoops.com.


TNA is already interested in Earl Hebner although it is not known if Hebner would be willing to work for TNA due to his long tenure he had with WWE. For those who missed it, Earl was fired prior to RAW after he was cut selling WWE merchandise without authorization. His twin brother Dave is still being 'investigated' and his son Brian is still a referee for the SmackDown! crew.


Rob Van Dam recently told Slam! wrestling why he is always honest with the fans: "That's what I enjoy out of it. I get this positive energy from the fans. They all tell me 'Yeah, I heard you're a really down to earth guy and you're really honest', and it's the truth. If they ask about these other wrestlers, saying 'so and so is an a**hole', I tell them. Some of these guys ARE a**holes. Even if they didn't have money and weren't on TV, I think it's in their nature. My nature is to be straight and to say these things that other wrestlers won't."


We have heard from several readers that Earl Hebner and his brother used to run a wrestling merchandise and patio furniture store out of Richmond, Va. that sold replica belts, CDs, PPV chairs and more. This could be a possible reason for his firing. We do know that he was released and Dave, his twin brother, is under investigation. Keep in mind that Dave was in charge of merchandising sales at local arena's for house shows so this could be a much larger deal than first thought.

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