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Deal on hold


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The washington post says that the deal has been placed on hold :)


So look forward to seeing what now might happen :)



Orioles' Trade For Burnett Put on Hold


By Jorge Arangure Jr.

Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, July 20, 2005; Page E01


MINNEAPOLIS, July 19 -- Baltimore's much-discussed deal for Florida Marlins pitcher A.J. Burnett has hit a snag with Orioles owner Peter Angelos's reluctance to take on the $21.25 million owed to infielder Mike Lowell, a centerpiece of the proposed eight-player deal.


The deal as had been agreed upon would have sent Lowell, Burnett and minor league outfielder Eric Reed to Baltimore in exchange for outfielder Admin Bigbie and pitchers Jorge Julio, Steve Reed, Steve Kline and Hayden Penn. Now it's unsure whether the deal will get done at all. According to one Orioles source, Baltimore Executive Vice President Jim Beattie and Vice President Mike Flanagan had hoped to persuade Angelos in an afternoon conference call to accept the deal, but the owner has not. The deal appears to be on hold while Angelos decides what to do.



Orioles owner Peter Angelos has put a potential trade for Marlins starter A.J. Burnett and third basemen Mike Lowell on hold because of Lowell's contract. (John Bazemore - AP)


Marlins Basics






Orioles Basics






One baseball source said the Orioles have asked the Marlins to pay as much as half of the money owed to Lowell. The Marlins, according to the source, have scoffed at such a demand and have threatened to put Burnett back on the market and available to all bidders. Beattie avoided the topic.


"I have absolutely nothing to say," Beattie said.


Baltimore still appears to be the most likely destination for Burnett, though, as the Marlins have not restarted talks with the Boston Red Sox, one of the other teams that had been in serious discussions with the Marlins.


"We're in the same spot as before," said a Red Sox official. "Interested, but not far along."


Several reports had the Orioles in discussions with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but several team sources and one baseball source denied that and insisted the deal would remain simply between Baltimore and Florida. Other reports say that the Marlins would then, in a separate deal, send Bigbie to the Pirates in exchange for pitcher Mark Redman, but no Pirates player would join Baltimore.


The Orioles players involved continued to stir uneasily with their futures on hold. While they had conceded on Monday they would be moved, they wondered on Tuesday if they would be traded at all. One of the players said the uncertainty had made it difficult to be part of the team. Either way, he hoped the situation could be resolved quickly.


Burnett had told reporters in Arizona on Monday he did not think he would make his start on Tuesday.


The deal still appeared a possibility as Tuesday's Orioles game started even though Burnett was scheduled to pitch later in the night.


When Burnett took the mound at roughly 9:55 p.m. Eastern time in Arizona to face the Diamondbacks it finally became apparent the deal at least would not be made on Tuesday. It does not appear likely the Orioles would make the deal if they had to wait four more days for Burnett to be able to pitch again. They most likely will use the next few days to reevaluate the situation.


Part of the reason the Orioles quickly became the favorites to land Burnett was that they were the only team willing to take on Lowell's large contract, which runs through the 2007 season. That is the reason why the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox fell from consideration. But perhaps those two teams, along with the Red Sox, might be back in the hunt for Burnett, a 28-year-old with a career 43-44 record and a 3.80 ERA. Burnett's allure is that he has the ability to be a front-of-the-line starter, though he has never won more than 12 games in a season. The Orioles appear willing to make the deal without signing Burnett, a free agent after this year, to an extension. One baseball source said Burnett will ask for a contract in the neighborhood of four years, $50 million to $55 million.


Lowell, an all-star in 2004, has slumped badly since the second half of last year. Since the break last season, he is batting just .253 with 11 home runs and 67 RBI. This year Lowell has a .232 average with four home runs and 37 RBI. If acquired, Lowell, who has never played anywhere in his major league career but third base, will likely play first base.




Time to shop AJ around :)


Also The rumor is the Red sox might send Mueller to the Twins. If they do they will have an open spot at 3B. If so Lowell could easily slide into there.

I will find a source for that one

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here is the red sox rumor I was looking for. Sorry that took me so long. I normally try to put everything togeher at once. But this is interesting.


Can you say a hole for Mikey? AJ and Mikey there and you know Mikey is gonna rock with that small porch for the monster :)






The Twins are looking for a third baseman and would like to have Bill Mueller, a low-salary veteran who is solid defensively and would be an impact hitter at the Metrodome.


A major league source also said the Twins would consider Kevin Youkilis, and the deal could be expanded to include a Minnesota starting pitcher.


''There's still a lot to be worked out," said one Red Sox source. ''[Romero] walks a lot of people, but he's got good stuff and he strikes out someone when you need it."


Embree was called into manager Terry Francona's office early yesterday afternoon and was told the news. Francona said it was difficult to let go of a player who was so instrumental to the bullpen's success last season.




I dont think the Sox are trading Kevin Youkilis. I believe he is placed away with Hanely in a locke box. But, Passion could add more to that one for me. I thought he was one of the big 4 for them they wont touch.


Still, this is interesting and possible to consider now. What if they move their 3B then they could either bring up Kevin Youkilis, or trade for AJ and mikey.


Alot of speculation so please dont flame away, this is just a possible rumor to consider.

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Gammons in his chat room (take it for what you will)


Stated that the O's are demanding 10 million and taking Kline and reed from them (5.5 million next year too).


The Marlins have now contacted the Red sox and the yankees also.


Let the bidding war begin again :)

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