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rate this pay team 1-10 please


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This is my last team I aquired, it is a pay league team.

A 500 prize to the winner of the regular season and 350

for the playoffs. It was a 12 team league and I think I

did slid enough over all. I am going to try to move off

Admin johnson to the priest holmes guy for something, but

what should I ask for?

Any advice and a rating on the team would be thanked heavily





C. Palmer

(Cin - QB)



A. Johnson

(Hou - WR)


S. Smith

(Car - WR)


E. Kennison

(KC - WR)



J. Jones

(Dal - RB)


D. McAllister

(NO - RB)



F. Taylor

(Jac - RB)



Da. Clark

(Ind - TE)



L. Johnson

(KC - RB)


K. Colbert

(Car - WR)


H. Miller

(Pit - TE)


D. Carr

(Hou - QB)


T. Henry

(Ten - RB)


A. Toomer

(NYG - WR)



J. Brown

(Sea - K)





(Buf - DEF)

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First off - hold on to LJ. The whole reason to draft him in the first place is with the knowledge that a. he'll be the goal line back and b. Holmes is going to get hurt.


In most leagues, QB and RB are the two absolutely most critical positions. Your QB is surely not a top talent and barely cracks the top 10 at his position [if at all]. Your RB's are okay. I have Duece ranked 9th at his position and JJ 14th [although he could have a break out year].


Fred Taylor is coming off of a knee injury so I don't know how hard Del Rio will push him plus Toefield is going to steal some carries. Henry has been demoted from a feature back in Buffalo to a 3rd down/spell back in TEN. That's not good news for his fantasy value.


I like your WR's and TE - but they don't score enough on a regular basis to give you much of an edge. I also love LJ on your bench.


You may want to comb the waiver wires for that one breakout player we have each year. I would also figure out a trade for a better QB, though I'm not sure you've got the goods. People are undervaluing guys like Kerry Collins and Chad Pennington - who will both have great years.


Bottom Line - be happy to finish in the top 5. Good luck!

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