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FFIPA's College Football Gambling Pick of the Week

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Central Michigan (+9) over Indiana -- Two words....Kent Smith....you'll get to know this kid after this game. Some have ranked this kid in the Top 3 in MAC quarterbacks and while no one is expecting much from the Chippewas, Indiana really doesn't have a threat and could fall asleep on this opening game of the season.

Indiana 20, Central Michigan 13


Record to Date -- 1-0


Biased Picks of the week

Syracuse West Virginia Under -- WVU is starting a freshman QB and the Cuse will be playing with a brand new offensive style. Cuse puts 9 in the box and slows down Jason Gwaltney.


Temple (+31.5) over Arizona State -- Despite the fact that the Owls are putrid, they were 7-4 ATS last year. Typical script for this game.....ASU goes up 35, gets bored and Temple scores late to cover the game.


Biased Record to Date -- 0-1

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Guest FishFanInPA

haha Temple had like 7 starters out that game....what a terrible pick.


I was all over UCF. Won $100.



That's why it was the biased pick......umm CMU covered....I win....

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