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How can I improve?


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Here's my team:


QB: Collins/Pennington

RB: LT/Portis/R Brown/L Johnson

WR: Holt/Mi Clayton/Ro Williams/L Fitzgerald/K McCardell

TE: Heap

K: Vanderjagt

DEF: Washington/Buffalo


This is a Yahoo FF team Head-to-Head. 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1K, 1Def


6 for TD [scoring or passing]

-2 for int

-2 for fumble

1 point for every 50 yards pass

1 point for every 20 yards run r rec

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I would package Ro Williams and Admin Johnson together to pick up a top notch reciever. Check whom the person that has priest holmes has. If you cna get alot from him for Johnson do it.


Send him messages like how long till priest goes down again? Or about the 140 yards and 2 tds he ran off in preseason game 3

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the guy with Bell as a starter, Offer him brown (since brown will be limted touches the first few weeks then ricky is back his numbers wont be great).


You should be able to pull off Brown for driver. Farve is going to airing the ball out this year. Their defense is terrible. I expect them to give up 20+ points a game. So that means Brett will put up large fantasy numbers (I put him as my number 6 fantasy QB on my own lists, good 4th round pick).


So since Brett will be throwing it, his two favorites javon and Driver will be putting up solid digits and green will have a poor year.

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which is exactly why he (your friend with bell). Needs another back. You have Admin johnson as a backup. Worse case worse you can play him on the bye weeks. He is going to get 10 carries a game at the least. If it is a blow out (I expect alot of those for KC this year). Then he will get alot of time to run out the clock. Admin works good as a backup/if holmes gets hurt top 5 starter.


why I suggested moving brown :) The rookie just got into camp, ricky will start when he is back and saban is talking of only 10-15 carries in week 1 and splitting time with sammy. Taht should tell how low he is right now :(

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