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needs help


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I stopped watching Raw from the point where JR got fired due to I was getting home too late and didn't have a tivo, I also stopped reading results for whatever reason.


Can someone just fill me in on what has happened since so I'll have a relativly good idea when I watch tomorrow.

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Austin was supposed to face Coach to bring JR back to RAW- when Austin learned that he would lose to Coach and JR STILL wouldn't be coming back, he walked out. Batista faced Coach, Goldust and Vader (who showed up the RAW before Taboo Tuesday) at TT and won. Joey Styles has joined King and Coach at the desk.


John Cena successfully defended his title against Angle and Michaels.


Hurricane has denounced his gimmick and is now wrestling as Gregory Helms.


Kane and Show are somewhat begrudging tag champs, with Cade and Murdoch their main rivals.


Flair beat Triple H in a cage at TT, and is still feuding with Triple H.


Trish is women's champ, followed closely by her biggest fan, Mickie James.


Edge was sent to attack Smackdown by Eric Bischoff.

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Joey Styles took over JR's part of the broadcast. So, it's Coach, Styles and King. He was awesome during Taboo Tuesday.


Flair/Triple had an awesome match at Taboo Tuesday, so their fued continues. Nothing more to be said.


Cena continues to defend his belt against the likes of Angle (beating Angle AND Michaels at Taboo Tuesday and last week a tag match where it was revealed Angle has aligned himself with Masters and Duvari took place where Duvari fast counted Cena and he and his partner got beat up).


Shelton/Benjamin faced Carlito in an awesome match last Monday after Carlito's loss to Foley at the ppv.


Bischoff was ticked that Smackdown beat RAW on HIS ppv (Rey and Matt vs. Edge and partner at Taboo Tuesday where Edge left his partner to hand and Rey and Matt won with ease) so he sent Edge to Smackdown, blaming him for the loss, where he was decimated by Batista.


Conman lost to the Jimmy Superfly Snuka...

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