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40 year old walkon


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http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/5091846 :o


COLUMBIA, S.C. - South Carolina's "Pops" is calling it a career.


Tim Frisby's road from Gulf War veteran to 40-year-old walk-on receiver has been one of the most heartwarming in college football the past two years. But Frisby, nicknamed "Pops" by his much-younger teammates, said the Gamecocks' upcoming bowl game will be his last.

"It's just been an incredible journey," Frisby said Wednesday night following practice. "I always look forward to being a part of the Gamecock family. They can't take that away from me."


No. 19 South Carolina (7-3) is prepping for its annual showdown with state rival Clemson (6-4).


Frisby has two years of eligibility left. But he wants to concentrate on finishing his broadcast journalism degree. "That's going to take up all my time," he said.


Frisby gained attention last fall as the 20-year U.S. Army veteran with six children who came out for South Carolina's football team. He served in Desert Storm and the Kosovo conflict and, with plans to retire from the service, figured he was still a pretty fair college receiver.


Frisby outlasted about 60 walk-ons in 2004, earning a spot on then coach Lou Holtz's squad.


His tale went nationwide that season and soon Frisby popped up everywhere. He yucked it up with David Letterman and laughed with Jay Leno about his old-guy moniker.


Frisby was routinely contacted by producers and others hoping to market him as Hollywood's next "Rudy." But Frisby brushed them aside ? despite the bills that come with six kids ? so he could train and play at South Carolina.


Frisby continued under new coach Steve Spurrier. Although he played sparingly under Holtz, Frisby caught a hitch pass in South Carolina's 45-20 victory this past September.


Frisby said the decision to leave was his and his alone.


Spurrier will be sorry to see "Pops" go.


"He contributes a lot," Spurrier said. "He's been a wonderful guy, does everything, weightlifting, been a good teammate for all the guys."


Even though he won't get on the field next year, Frisby expects the movie and book deals will have to wait until he graduates next fall.


"I'm not headed to Hollywood," Frisby said. "Like I said when that started, all that other extracurricular stuff, that can wait. I'm enjoying myself as a Gamecock."


Not that he won't listen. After the bowl game, Frisby says he'll talk with representatives. "They've been checking up monthly seeing where I was at and what my plans were," he said. "We'll see what they have to offer."

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