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Fresno St.-USC


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In the OSU-Miami thread I posted the following:


Since Miami's not going to be playing for the title (any title), I'm now rooting for USC because USC vs. Texas would be a great game.


However, I think this pretty much insures a USC loss tonight. It's an uncanny ability of mine.


I don't actually know who I'm rooting for anymore though, which makes this problematic. Part of me wants my prophecy to come true, so people can marvel at this great ability of mine to make teams lose. The other part of me still wants that USC-Texas game.

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This could end up being a similar situation to the USC-ND game, where I said I'd root for whoever was ahead with 5 seconds left, and I still managed to lose.


Yeah, Reggie should be illegal.


Actually, anyone named Bush should be illegal.


I bet all the UM players who aren't getting laid on the 7th floor are watching this now and rooting for USC, so they don't feel like total dipshits in the morning.


Looks Touchdownalicious to me.

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