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This isn't a poll by any means, just a chance to voice some thoughts that are running through my head.

When I see the Marlins on the verge of trading Beckett, possibly Delgado too... I think to myself yeah I would still root for this team if it was in Las Vegas or Charlotte or Buffalo, if it was able to keep the players they've developed. I mean Beckett was the consolation prize for the firesale of 97-98. I glad the Marlins don't have the first few picks in the draft every year and would love for them to stay that way. First and foremost I'm a Marlins fan through thick and thin, but I want to see this team thrive. If it has to pack it up to do so I'll be more than willing to cheer them on. This isn't to assign blame either for a stadium situation that's at best laughable. Plain and simple this team or any other playing baseball in that football stadium will fail to be financially solvable ever. This probably didn't make any sense but for the record I feel its time to cut their losses and time to move along to someplace else.

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