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If we want to win the World Series...


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...need to trade Delgado to the Mets for Petit and Milledge. Not sure if the Mets would do something crazy like that, but if they did...we'd be back in contention in no longer than 3 years.


These aren't marginal prospects we are talking about here, they are bonafide studs and somehow we have the ability to land multiples of them at once. We can end up like the Indians are currently - stocked and loaded with young, oustanding talent.


And throw in a trade of Pierre for more quality Chicago-land prospects?


I'm looking at the big picture here, and honestly I like what I see. You can say, well they are just prospects - might not produce. But I honestly believe that once you reach a certain level of performance in the minors - you are just fine-tuning and most of the potential names we are due to receive or have already received are just about ready to contribute in the bigs.


It's tough to say goodbye, but the more I think about it - the more excited I am for next season.

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