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Its time to face the music.. The Marlins will be leaving


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Well it looks like the time has finally come to bid a farewell to the Florida Marlins.. As was discussed a number of months ago, there are quite a number of reasons that this was coming (as everyone should have seen) but the real backbreaker were the storms in the last number of years.. That itself has taken any money that would have possibly gone to a project like that.. But aside from that, the fact remains that South Florida is NOT a baseball area.. Just think of it.. Two world series wins and they are third from the bottom in attendance.. Of course, people watch it on TV, but noone goes to the games.. Its the fans that never stepped up here.. I had suggested a surcharge on tickets as well as merchandise (take a look at my earlier post) and almost all of the replies were talking about how it would be too expensive for the fans and thats what we pay taxes for.. Noone really has brought up that the Florida Marlins is a "FOR PROFIT CORPORATION" and is in the business like any to make a profit.. Also, another point that has somehow got ignored is that for a number of months in the year, the Marlins are the ONLY pro sports team that is in town and even with that, people will not go.. I think that in itself says a lot.. Well now its over.. You have to face the fact that they WILL BE GONE.. It will actually be a little refreshing not to have to worry about our tax money being wasted on another "Miami Arena" But looking in retrospect (and I will cut and paste the surcharge idea below) if you my plan would have been enacted and the extra charges that I had suggested you KNEW would have kept your team here, would you have considered paying the extra surcharge on merchandise and tickets worth it??




There is an easy and fair way that the marlins could have secured the financial means to erect this staduim a long time ago which I would refer to the 7-10 plan..

So far since 2001, there have been 5,797,603 people attend home Marlins games.. Discounting 10% for comp tickets and adding a flat $7.00 "Stadium Surcharge" to the ticket price comes to $36.5 Million.. Couple that with a 10% upcharge on Florida Marlins licenced merchandise (at the wholesale level to keep the paperwork as small as possible) and that would probably almost double the $36.5 Million.. At that rate, the rasing of funds would not be an issue, and construction would have probably already been underway for you..

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