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If there is a computer nerd out there that can get this site done asap you will make a fortune and the silent Marlin's fans will have a voice. Every sports talk show in America will mention it (free advertising) and I smell a nice profit. :D Every conversation I hear on national radio or TV is off the mark :mad generally the talk show people are upset and disgusted with the way the Marlins are being ripped apart, but then they ALWAYS say "but no one in South Florida cares anyway". Well we do care!! We need to set the record straight as Marlins fans!! Do these talk show hosts ever mention how high the Marlin's TV ratings are???? Do they ever mention all the negatives of "Dolphin's Stadium"? The summer weather???

There is a solid Marlin's base here and we need to point the finger at the problem. Loria can't afford to run a MLB team and he should be forced to sell, new ownership means the Marlins will stay and in a few short years we will be competitive again. :thumbup :D :cool


Someone with more computer knowledge than I please contact me, I can get the advertising to support the site and I can get the word out of the site. :banghead

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I like the idea. If we make enough noise, perhaps we will have a chance to show the politicians (local and state) that we do love our fish, and major league baseball in general.


Points to raise:


-TV Ratings rising every year

-Stadium issues: lack of entertainment options (bars,restaurants, things to do in general) before and after games. It's tough for periphery fans to be expected to go to a Tuesday night game (with the possible threat of rain, traffic, parking) in the middle of nowhere just for the love of the game. Us die hards go because we love the fish, but most Major League Cities have average fans who go to games because its the thing to do.

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