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What do the fins get next year?


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hmm covered this in a few topics this week dude.


But if iti s up to me?


Neal Guard from NE or Bently Guard that is a probowler can play center too


Draft QBs likely


Quinn 1st

Culter 1st/2nd

Grabowski 2nd-4th

Stanton 2nd-4th

Croyle 2nd-4th



Nate clement CB (mightbe too much)

Adam Archuleta (sp) S

Kendall G/C utility lineman good and cheap sorta old

Ty Law CB

Pryce DE broncos (doesnt really fit our system)

Lepsis OT Broncos solid but sorta old

Lavar Arrington LB will be out there

Steve McNair QB sorta old but might be free to sign

Mawae C Jets could be a solid pick up but sorta really old

Ramsey QB could be cut from Washington also could be picked up

Steve Hutchinson Guard could be a prospect

Charles Woodson CB too expensive for his abilities

Will Allen and Ricky Manning could be solid both CB

Leigh Bodden and Ike taylor RFA CB's could be picked up


Angelo Crowell, Andra Davis, or Will Witherspoon LBs that fit our system out there but might be too expensive. I would love Davis or witherspoon or Peterson from the 49ers


For more on the draft, I like Landry FS/SS alot. It is a great LT class, it is a good center class. Eslinger, Mangold,Cook,Degory to name a few of them. There is a few solid 2nd-3rd round recievers like williams and jackson.


It is one of the deepest drafts in years honestly. Anyting in particular you wish to know? I will try to give what info I can

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