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RAW 1/2


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Kane/Michaels was okay, but I'm still not sure what to make of the Vince/Shawn feud....Man, I thought Helms would bring out 3 Minute Warning to crush Lawler. Instead, we get The King in another PPV match....That women's match and resulting PPV match seemed really hastily put together.....


All those "oh man, I bet Flair put the guy in the figure four!" jokes after the incident aren't that funny anymore after watching that video of it actually being done (with Edge as Flair, of course)....


Shelton/Masters was serviceable, except for a few blown spots....The Big Show/Trips segment left a nice visual for the fans heading into their PPV match....Somehow, I thought Shelton's mama would be less mean....The best thing about the main event was the crowd heat.

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Good show.


I think the WWE has been on a roll the last two weeks. Cena/Angle was good, of course. Shelton/Masters was better than it had any business being and the Triple H/Show stuff is the best fued Show's ever done (the breaking of the hand build-up has been awesome). Shelton's mom was better than I thought she'd be, so...


I'm tired of Edge. *YAWN* He's like a bootleg, one man nWo and his partner, funbags, has no charisma or mic skills to help him pull this crap off.

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