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Swann to run for Governor

Guest Juanky

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Guest Juanky

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A big day awaits Lynn Swann on Wednesday.


The former Pittsburgh Steelers star and veteran college football analyst for ABC Sports is expected to kick off his political career by declaring his candidacy for Pennsylvania's governorship.


Swann plans to open a three-day tour of the state at a rally Wednesday night in Pittsburgh before flying to similar events in six other cities -- Erie, Altoona and Scranton on Thursday and Philadelphia, Allentown and Lancaster on Friday.


Aides declined to confirm the purpose of the tour, but Swann's political committee has been raising money for 11 months and Swann has billed himself as a prospective candidate as he has courted Republican activists across the state. Aides have said he will not be announcing his withdrawal from the May 16 primary race.


As Swann's campaign spokeswoman, Melissa Walters, put it, "It might be easy to assume" the subject of Swann's announcement.


The 53-year-old Swann will be the last of the Republican hopefuls to make his candidacy official. Already declared are former Lieutenant Governor Bill Scranton, state Senator Jeffrey Piccola and retired business advocate Jim Panyard.



If he's doing it because he likes politics and thinks he's up to the task, more power to him. But if he's doing it just to see if he can win then he should save the voters of Pennsylvania's time and not bother.

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It's called the token black athlete politician. Before Swann it was JC Watts. I bet that if he didn't play QB for OU, he would have never been elected in the first place. I'm wary of celebrities with absolutely no political background running for anything more than mayor, but especially when they're Republicans, mostly b/c they're being chosen for the color of their skin, not for their competence for office.


Having said that, if Swann gets the nomination, this race will end up revealing major discrepancies between Eastern Pennsylvania and Western Pennsylvania (or, more precisely, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh).

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