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  1. He could actually demand a trade tomorrow (well, this offseason, because we're past the non-waiver deadline) if he wanted to. All he has to do is publicly waive his no-trade clause. That would have the effect of forcing management to trade him.
  2. Apparently, Chris O'Leary saw this coming. http://www.chrisoleary.com/projects/PitchingMechanics101/Essays/PitcherElbowInjuryEpidemic.html In terms of other pitchers who I think could fall victim to the elbow injury epidemic, the picture below of Jose Fernandez was recently brought to my attention by a reader. Jose Fernandez Unfortunately for Jose Fernandez and Marlins fans, this picture shows both premature pronation and a resulting timing problem. While this arm action may improve both Jose Fernandez's velocity and his stuff, it will most likely also lead to elbow and shoulder problems. And so did Justin Orenduff: http://baseballrebellion.com/jorenduff/did-jose-fernandez-change-his-pitching-mechanics/
  3. If that were the case, everyone missed it, not just the Marlins. It's not his mechanics, he has a smooth, easy, repeatable delivery and uses a huge stride to produce power with his lower body. It's just unfortunate. Did Jose exhibit the "inverted W"? That was a big factor in how Jameson Taillon developed his tear, and people are concerned about Chris Sale essentially being a walking TJ waiting to happen.
  4. You want the list? This is supposedly it, and you aren't going to like it: http://www.rotoinfo.com/read_article.php?articleId=380
  5. This list was found at http://www.rotoinfo.com/read_article.php?articleId=380 and explicitly says UNCONFIRMED. However, it does make you think. Two members of the team at the time were on the list: Pudge and Derrek Lee. Other players who played in previous years were also listed: Gary Sheffield, Antonio Alfonseca, Matt Clement, Livan Hernandez, Moises Alou, and Cliff Floyd. On the other hand, the Cubs got slammed harder with players on their 2003 team: Alou, Sosa, Corey Patterson, Aramis Ramirez, Clement, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Carlos Zambrano. That's right, the ENTIRE Cubs' starting rotation AND ENTIRE OUTFIELD for the 2003 NLCS was rumored to be juicing! It's gotta make you think.
  6. “Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.� Biden isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this is an interesting quote from the campaign in retrospect. I don't see any great insight here by Biden. It's fact. It's the norm for any new POTUS to be tested. To me at least, this is not "an interesting quote from the campaign in retrospect". Maybe true, but he was getting pilloried for it as another example of a "Biden gaffe". All the while Mark Sanford was trying to solve a problem like Maria.
  7. I gotta agree with you guys on this one. Savage is a slimeball and a douchebag, but come on! Only question now is whether he would sue under American or British libel laws. I would say he has a better chance under British, because they would have to give a VERY compelling reason why they did what they did. And I'm not even a fan of the British libel laws!
  8. I'm proud to say I read the whole article. :arms I think it took 45 minutes. I lost track of time even though the clock is right in front of me on the taskbar. :blink: Yeah I'm real interested on what it had to say, since I have my own thoughts about the place. So? What did it say? Anything we didn't know? Building code violations up the wazoo? Buildings will fall appart spontaneously? What what Slave labor, debt servitude, seizure of passports from migrant labor, Emiratis don't care and just look the other way. That's the article in short.
  9. I know it was done on opening day. By Yaz, last time in 1967. That's been the story so far. . My question is different. first home run=inside the park hr It doesn't matter what day of the season it happens on. Like when Hermida hit a granny as his first hr. There's only so many times this has happened. First game=rare. First AB, I believe. Much rarer. The first HR being an inside-the-park home run... yes, I'm sure that's happened tons, especially in the old days. Robert Clemente did it though... I think it's April 17th, 1955 - at the Polo Grounds in the first game of a double-header... - not sure if it was his first AB, but definitely his first home run, obviously Edit: Note, I typo'd the crap outta this, I've since revised it several times. It would have been against the Dodgers, and thus at Ebbets Field that day. And yes, 4/17/1955 was his major-league debut. I do know that he hit the only walk-off inside-the-park grand slam in MLB history the next season.
  10. Not only is he not the first one to do this, but he's not even the first Marlin! Marlins @ Cubs on May 24, 1999 - Kevin Millar hits his first homer, a 3 run inside-the-park home run to put the Marlins ahead 7-5 in the top of the 9th. Kevin Millar was called up in 1998. Don't know whether he hit any homers that season.
  11. Wow, this board REALLY has gone down the crapper the past month.
  12. I got Louisville, Pitt, UNC, and Marquette in the Final Four. Louisville and Pitt in the Championship game with Louisville winning it all. So far, so good for me though. Only blemish is picking Butler over LSU, but I had Butler losing next round anyway so no huge deal. I had Butler beating UNC, but I think LSU might take care of that job. It hurt, but not as much as LSU beating UNC is going to hurt everyone else's brackets.
  13. On the other hand, the base in Okinawa served as a lookout on China and the Soviet Union moreso than a check on Japanese tensions. A base in Iraq may act as a lookout on Iran, but what good is that going to do when (not if, when) the Iraqi government cozies up to Iran? Japan was never going to do that with China or the Soviet Union.
  14. It would be too funny if Morrison makes it to the majors before supposed "best prospect in all the minors and former top first-round pick" Andrew McCutchen. What are the odds of that happening?
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