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  1. So the Marlins get to spend a long weekend in Philadelphia. My sources tell me the league is looking into the odd Phillie Phanatic airport appearance to "greet" the team. . .
  2. Tear it down. It's some form of art, which reminds me of Loria. Not that I'm against art, but it's gaudy, not fitting for a US baseball stadium. Ship it to Barcelona for use as something artistic. Put it near the Gaudi architecture in that city. Just get it out of Miami.
  3. Still, in Philadelphia they don't even have a thunderstorm watch posted. It won't rain there until 11:26 or so. By then the Marlins should be back in the hotel celebrating .500 and looking forward to tomorrow. The Philly players will go home and fight with their wives, throwing batteries.
  4. Rain should start around the stadium at 11:26 or so. Plenty of time to finish off the Phillies by then and it certainly won't effect Urena.
  5. I'm pleasantly surprised. It's enough to make this fan watch the game(as long as I can take Preston). Hopefully, in the off-season they'll trade him(Preston, not Stanton).
  6. Missed the start....and looking forward to the game. The main thing is that I don't have to listen to Pweston. That automatically makes it a good game. Somebody tell me he's gone for good and it's not just an off night.
  7. No way I can make it through a whole season listening to Preston.
  8. Just tuned in. Somebody tell me Preston is gone. Leiter is much better. Squall talking about shitting Taco Bell would be better than Preston.
  9. Great. Gives me something to look forward to heading into the 2023 season. How about if I make 2000 posts about my poop, and or Taco Bell. Then I get a promotion?
  10. Yea....go Fish. Maybe you'll promote me from a Zephyr if we win this one.
  11. 13 minutes to first pitch and no thread? Allright, I'll look to run my record to 1-0 here in game threads started in all the years I'm here. Conley v. Jungmann
  12. Admin...how am I still a zephyr after 10 years? lol
  13. I don't understand how the general manager manager doesn't start Bour. Whatever the lefty-righty past stats say on Bour...you have a hot hitter in the last 5 games. Let him start against a pitcher who hasn't started in awhile.
  14. Don't make this about you? Learn humility :lol . Wasn't it you who posted "10/200 :lol " as often as you could....though as you say most of the board laughed. It was a running gag...still is. MarlinsLou at the time made an eloquent argument for signing him, but only at terms of his own or franchise's terms. Not thinking of Stanton's terms. If Stanton didn't accept the equivalent contract he advocated trading. He was "right" technically, at the time, and I respect his knowledge of money.. . I'm not gloating(ok, maybe a little). Maybe in your life you'll see another player come along who's on your team with his potential, to be the best of all-time. I only signed in because I was excited as a Marlins fan at what Stanton is doing. Is there anything more important or exciting about this team than Stanton?
  15. Just for the sake of ending another circular argument with you...I'll admit 10/200 even though it's not the complete truth. . . It's also not the complete truth to say everybody wanted him signed "at the right price". MarlinsLou for one made the most eloquent argument for trading him at the time. I'd say we should just sit back and enjoy, but that isn't, or hasn't been your style.
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