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Police Academy 8?


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Release and Cast


It's been quite a few sherberts since we heard anything of the proposed "Police Academy 8", and most assumed it had therefore gone by the wayside. Not so, it seems.


Paul Maslansky, producer of the never-ending silly series, tells Entertainment Weekly that it's still very much-a-go, he just wants to get it right before having a bunch of middle-aged men squeeze into their black chords again.


"It's going to be a great challenge", he says. "When you make seven comedies and they're constantly on TV and DVD people go 'aww f&%k another one!'".


According to Maslansky, the plan is to bring back some of the original cast - including Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow and Leslie Easterbook - for the next film, and have them pass the pepper spray to a new bunch of young troops.


Maslanksy then envisions the new cast members headlining "Police Academy 9", and the sequels that would follow it.


An insider at the brother's Warner tells us that another problem has been "the availability of the cast". For instance, Guttenberg has been picked up for a guest-starring stint on TV's "Veronica Mars", and UPN has the option to hold onto him if he works out. "But it's slowly coming together and is nearing closer to production", the scooper ads.


Tim Kazurinsky, who played Officer Sweetchuck in the films, is actually helping pen the script for "Police Academy 8" - which, based on his prior pennings eg "About Last Night", is a good move for the franchise.


Leslie Easterbrook, who played Lt. Debbie Callahan in the films, is one that has already agreed to do it - whenever it should arise. "I don't care what else I'm doing [at the time] I would drop it".




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