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Strange but tue in 2005


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Some Highlights:

? Speaking of pitchers being allowed to hit in unlikely spots ... In a May 28 game against the Dodgers, Arizona pitcher Javier Vazquez was sent up to bat with his team down a run in the seventh. He homered to tie the game -- and then got hooked by manager Bob Melvin before he threw another pitch.


? Momentum Is A Myth Dept.: On back-to-back days at Wrigley Field, the Cubs won a 14-0 game against Florida, then found themselves behind 15-0 the next afternoon.


? Craig Biggio (0 for life against Randy Johnson) won't find this amusing. But the Big Unit somehow gave up a May 21 double to Dae-Sung Koo, a Mets relief pitcher who later admitted he hadn't been on base in almost 20 years.


? Meanwhile Along The Monongahela Dept.: Alex Rodriguez drove in 10 runs in one game (April 26) before any Pirate had driven in 10 all season.


? Be Kind To Your Fellow Hurlers Dept.: Dodgers pitcher Jeff Weaver served up home runs to three different pitchers this year.


? Remember that old line about how it isn't how you start, it's how you finish? The Brewers started their July 6 game against Florida by having nine of their first 17 hitters reach base. After which none of their next 28 hitters reached base.


? Mission Impossible Dept.: Giants reliever Scott Eyre had a May 2 outing in which he had a strikeout and gave up a run even though (according to the box score) he recorded no outs and allowed no baserunners. How'd that happen? Let's just say he owed it all to a passed ball on a third strike.


? Molinamania Dept.: The Red Sox faced a lineup containing a different Molina brother three days in a row in June (first Jose, then Bengie, then Yadier).


? They said it couldn't be done, but the Brewers scored a run in the seventh inning of a May 19 game in Washington even though there were no hits, walks, errors, stolen bases, wild pitches or passed balls in the inning. How? Two hit batters, sac bunt, sac fly. Voil?.


? Royal Flush Dept.: The Yankees got swept in a May 31-June 2 series in Kansas City by a Royals team that (a) had the same record at the time (13-37) as the '62 Mets, (b) hadn't swept any of its previous 78 series, ? was starting three pitchers who had combined to win one game all season and (d) was facing three Yankees starters (Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano) with 523 career wins.


? Stuck On The 13th Floor Dept.: The Yankees became the first team since 1900 to score 13 runs in two different innings in the same season -- and did it both times against the Devil Rays


? No Lead Was Safe Dept.: The Blue Jays blew leads to the Yankees in the seventh, eighth and ninth innings of an Aug. 23 loss at Yankee Stadium -- something no AL team had done since 1949.


? Left Out Dept.: In his only start of the postseason, Randy Johnson gave up three extra-base hits to left-handed hitters. He had done that in none of his 523 career regular-season starts.

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