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Sean Taylor fined $17,000 for spitting in Pittman's face


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ASHBURN, Va. ? (AP) ? Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was fined $17,000 Monday by the NFL for spitting in the face of Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Michael Pittman.


Taylor was ejected and penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for spitting at Pittman in the third quarter of

Saturday's playoff game. The offense was considered so egregious that Pittman wasn't penalized for slapping Taylor in the helmet in retaliation.


Taylor escaped suspension for his action, keeping him on the active roster for this week's game at Seattle.


Taylor has been fined several times in his two-year career for a bevy of infractions, including $25,000 for skipping the league's mandatory rookie symposium. He has several in-season fines for illegal hits and uniform violations, including $5,000 for wearing striped socks that resembled a barber pole in this year's home game against Philadelphia.


Taylor was investigated by the league last season for allegedly spitting at Cincinnati receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but no fined was levied because there was no video evidence.


Taylor also had a drunken driving charge last season that was later dismissed. He is scheduled to go on trial next week in Miami on a felony charge of aggravated assault stemming from a June 1 confrontation near his home, although he is expected to request a postponement because of the Redskins' playoff run.

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No need to suspend him. Anyone see the innate irony in a guy getting severely punished for spitting in a guy's face when far worse happens in dogpiles and the whole game revolves around violence?

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taylor is claiming he never did and the video seems to show he never did hmm


but he is a drew client


And yet a ref standing right there threw a flag and let a subsequent shove go un-flagged...sounds suspicious to me.


yep, that was a downright nasty game for two good defenses. Was really the best game of the weekend, all of the others pretty much sucked to watch honestly (if not a fan of the teams in them).


Taylor is a putz and will be court after the year anyways and may be in jail. But the kid has soo much talent it is unbelievable.

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