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Mularkey intends to resign from Buffalo


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Although he may still be talked into staying on the job, league sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen and ESPN.com on Thursday that Buffalo Bills coach Mike Mularkey was in an afternoon meeting with high-ranking team officials that could lead to his resignation.


It is believed that the meeting includes Bills owner Ralph Wilson and newly-appointed general manager Marv Levy.


Sources said that, because of family considerations, Mularkey intended to walk away after only two seasons, but felt that he needed to meet with Bills management before he formally tendered his resignation. Mularkey had lengthy meetings with Wilson last week as the Bills owner dramatically reshuffled the football operation.


Wilson fired team president/general manager Tom Donahoe, re-hired Levy, the Hall of Fame coach who led the Bills to four Super Bowl appearances, and made other changes to the front office. It is believed that Wilson also suggested changes in the coaching staff and Mularkey subsequently dismissed five assistants.


In two seasons, Mularkey has compiled a 14-18 record, including a disappointing 5-11 mark in 2005.


Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for ESPN.com. To check out Len's chat archive, click here .






I'm not the biggest Mularkey fan, but I don't understand this much at all - especially after Levy has openly expressed support for Mularkey (I don't buy the family considerations thing right now). If family considerations were truly an issue, I'd think he would have made this announcement much earlier in the offseason, especially considering he had multiple meetings with Wilson that essentially were an interview to keep his job.


Levy's been angling for a return to coaching over the past few years, but if he takes this job I'll hurl (and if he forced Mularkey out after openly supporting him last week and throughout the season he's an ass). It's one thing to put Levy in a GM role (something I'm not a huge fan of but can live with), but if he coaches this team it's a joke.


Either way, looks like one more coaching vacancy to be filled. Whoopee.

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Can't say I'm surprised by this, you better believe he was strong-armed into resigning. I think the owner gave the same ultimatum to Mularkey that he gave to Wade Phillips a few years back, either you fire your assistants or you go. Mularkey fired his assistants, probably not the reaction Wilson was expecting.


My preference would be someone with head coaching experience, Mike Sherman comes to mind. Ron Rivera is among the front-runners right now according to a few reports, along with Ted Cottrell (no), Dick Jauron (why?), Haslett (maybe), and Jerry Gray (no!). I seriously doubt Marv is going to coach, in fact I don't give it a chance at all.

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The more I think about it (and read), the more I think Mularkey had to believe he was a lame duck without a playoff berth next year (or similar success), and he thought the chances of him getting to the playoffs were slim, so he resigned. It's odd, because had he stuck around and been fired he would have pocketed most of his salary, but whatever, he probably doesn't need the money. What's funny is that some of the rumors about Donahoe going to St. Louis have Mularkey following behind as HC, which I strongly doubt for about 1000 reasons.


I hate the idea of Sherman for the same reason I hate Haslett - his teams underachieved throughout most of his tenure and were undisciplined. Sherman's not an awful coach, but I don't want him anywhere near Buffalo.


I'd love Rivera to come aboard. I'd prefer Saunders because he's from the offensive side of the ball (which is where they need the most help now, especially with Losman at the helm), but I could live with Rivera.


No way to Jauron. Cottrell I'm not wild about, and Jerry Gray wouldn't be a great choice either, though they could do worse.

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