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RAW 3/27


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Good, intense interview from Foley. I think, with the real hardcore imagery and the promise of Foley's "idea" for Edge at WM, this may have gotten some people interested in the match....It would've been fine for them to leave Kane blocked in the room. Instead, they get beat up AGAIN, and I don't really see any reason why anyone should believe Masters and Carlito can win....Looks like they're appealing to the boo-ers men with Cena's toughness vignette....


It looked pretty silly when Vince was still celebrating, even when Shawn reversed the pedigree. The match seemed to be on auto-pilot, no surprise with WM coming up....The MIB segment was alright, similar to what they did last year (I think)....Oh my God- did anyone see the kiss cam segment on WWE Unlimited? They showed some people in the crowd, then went backstage to Patterson and Brisco at the Gorilla position, and Patterson took Brisco and planted a big, long one on him....


Six Man tag was okay, and the beatdown proved that SS is more than a joke....The women's match was okay, 'til Victoria mis-timed the matrix move....As expected, the ME match was nothing. The post-match with the heels getting the advantage was nothing great, but it did make Shawn Michaels look pretty stupid.

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I've said it once and I'll keep saying it...Vince McMahon might be in the best shape of any human on the planet, considering his age.


And please, stop the Shelton heel turn, he was awesome as a face playing the underdog...dismantaling Evolution in the process. Now he's just a coward with a poorly acted stereotypical "black mamma from the south" in as part of the routine...(see big mamas house, that other movie that just came out...cant remember it's name though).

Shelton deserves better than this tripe(its good they gave him the IC title back tho, I expect him to win the MITB and finally get his world title push...maybe thats why they ultimately turned him heel?).

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