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Grasshoppers first game


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With all the talented pitchers on the Greenboro squad, its also clearly got the highest ceiling group of position players in the system as well, will be fun to follow. Gaby Sanchez and Andy Jenkins both had key homers late on that swung the game.


As for Volstad last night, the 6-1 k to bb ratio is still promising. It was a very similar start for most of our pitchers in the minors last night, Sanchez, Hernandez, Pinto all struggled with their command, but also looked good at times. They should all settle down and do better next time out. Jesus Delgado did well in relief for the Hammerheads last night on the plus side, he struck out four in two hitless innings.


Oh and on an unrelated note, Jai Miller went 1-2 with a double, a run scored, and walked twice last night. Oh and zero strikeouts to boot.

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Game 2


Grasshoppers took this one 9-6. After being down 6-1 at one point the game The Hoppers went into the 9th down 6-4, eventually make it 6-5 and Gaby Sanchez hits a walk off grand slam. His second home in as many days. He played catcher last night since Hayes is on the DL but he is listed as a an INF. Nice to have the versatility in a player. Also threw caught two runners stealing.


Kris Harvey went 2-3 with a homer and is now 6-8 on the year.


Andrew Jenkins hit his second homer in as many games too last night.


Unfortunately was another bad night for the young huys. Aaron Thompson went 4 innings giving 6 runs with 3 walks and 3 Ks.


Good start to the year though. I'll be there tonight and have a report tomorrow


Here's the Box Score

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Wow...Gaby Sanchez is God. That was an unbelievable performance. Hoppers win 8-7. Scored 3 in the 8th to tie it. Then go down by one in the top half of the ninth. Then Gaby steps up to the plate with a man on in the 9th. Cyyyyyyyyyya


Well the weather sucked. Game was delayed 30 minutes and it rained/misted the entire game. My guess that is part of the reason that Tucker struggled a little early on.


So let's start off with the bad. The fielding was atrocious. There were some real embarrassing plays. And it can't just be blamed on the wind/rain.We'll start with the first inning. Andrew Jenkins was catching. The second batter up and he singles back up the middle. The next three pitches all of them fastballs I believe made it past Jenkins to allow the runner to score finally on the third passed ball. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. He made the same mistake all three times. Just threw his glove to the side and tried to backhand/stab at the balls rather than blocking them. Some of them were probably called wild pitches but all of them should have been caught. Then on a perfect double play ball the SS(forgot who) bobbled it and everyone is safe. This rattled Tucker pretty good and also loaded the bases(and there was another passed bal somewhere in between.) Next batter: slow grounder into right field and Kris Harvey completely misses it. Allllll the way to the wall and three runs score. Next inning some more trouble with passed balls/wild pitches allows another run to score.


Gaby Sanchez is not a very good 1st baseman(or just had a rough night, I don't know this is only time I've seen him) to say the least. He committed two errors and missed a foul pop up.


Had two strike em out, throw em outs at 3rd base. Big time inning killers, but I like the aggressiveness this team played with.


So onto the good:

Tucker looked great after the second inning. In the third inning he really started mixing his curve ball in and was extremely effective. I think from the 3-6 inning he only allowed one or two base runners and struck out a couple. Radar gun wasn't on so not sure how fast he was throwing. I was really impressed with how he was able to come back after such a rough start. Shows a good amount of maturity for a 19 year old imo.


The offense is pretty damn good. Coming into this season I think we all saw that this pitching staff is going to be pretty sick, but so far this offense has been insane. Last night with the Gaby walk off slam and then tonight with his walk off shot again. Kris Harvey had another great night. Sorry don't have the exact numbers but I think he had at least 3 hits again. Jenkins made up for his defensive defficiencies as well by crushing a hanging curveball for a two run triple in the bottom of the 8th. Gaby like Doakle said had an excellent 5 hit day including his moooonnnster walk off shot right into a heavy wind. It was a no doubter the second it left his bat too.


Overall it was a really fun game. There were only about 100 people left by the end of the game, but definitely worth it. Can't beat a free ticket, free fleece blanket, and a walk off win.

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great report.


can't believe you still went with the weather the way it is.


yeah neither can I. I just kind of went for the fleece blanket and figured the game would be a rainout, but it just never really rained that hard. It wasn't too bad though. I walked around most of the game and sat under the overhang areas.


Glad I hung around though.


And the box score gave Tucker 5 WP, but like I said at least 3-4 of those should have been caught unless he was crossing him up or something. This offense is going to get even better once Hayes gets back. Not sure when that might be though

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The Hoppers lost their first game of the season last night 2-0. Chris Leroux only went 3 1/3 because he was wild as sh*t. Gave up 5 hits and 4 walks. Somehow only allowed one run. Jenkins had another two hit day. Will be interesting to see what they do when Hayes comes back. Volstad getting the start today. Unfortunately it is a 1230 game so I can't make it. I think I may head out for a game tomorrow though.


Also, not really anything worthwhile but from the game on Saturday Tucker got drilled in the ankle by a comebacker in the 6th. He finished the rest of the inning, but was still limping a little afterwards. May(probably not) be something to watch.

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