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  1. Doakle

    Jeff Allison

    He would appear to have rediscovered something pretty amazing, went six innings last night and gave up just one hit and a couple of walks. Through six starts he has a 1.88 era and batters are hitting just .184 against him.
  2. Interesting that if you look closely, Morrison himself doesn't actually run into the melee and didn't really get involved. You almost get the feeling that some bad blood between the coaches was the core of this thing, as they seemed to right in the middle of it.
  3. While Seddon is pitching in AA this year, he did do a full season in the International League last year, so experience wise he is more than ready for a callup. He has pitched pretty well of late.
  4. Willingham is 8th in the majors in OPS for a LF and 18th overall he would be valuable to any team in baseball I really need to check the numbers more often if he keeps up the second half he is having then yep middle of road is a bit of an insult. I like Willingham a lot and the point of post was that he was the guy we should keep, I guess I'd just got him lodged in my head as a middle of the pack LF ops wise.
  5. We obviously had a lot of housecleaning to do to clear spots on our 40 man. The club had to decide between two underperforming 23 year old lefties in Seddon and Mildren, and they kept Seddon. Its a real shame what happened with Mildren, he had a really nice year in Carolina in '06, but obviously fell apart this year. Considering he was pitching in one of the best hitting parks in one of the best hitting leagues though I still would have chosen him over Seddon. I'm no scout though and hopefully Seddon proves me wrong. Seddon is pitching well in August and is going well tonight.
  6. I think a Cabrera trade will ultimately be inevitable, sadly. For me the basis of the top of the lineup will be (from 2009 onwards or so), 1) Leadoff Guy (TBA) 2) Hanley 3) Hermida 4) Willingham With a number of players hitting arbitration around the same time I don't think we'll be keeping everyone (even with a cabs trade), and Uggla would be the guy i'd move. We'd probably be able to get a lot more for Uggla than his obp deserves, due to his standout slugging at the position. Willingham is a nice player, but as a LF his numbers are only really middle of the road. A middle of the road LF with an affordable salary is a nice value for a club with our payroll though. In other words, Willingham is a lot more valuable to us than he is most other clubs, so we're better off keeping him. Of course if some young players come through and push him out of the lineup, then that'll work too
  7. That was the last game of the season for the GCL Marlins. Dominguez, Jameson Smith, Stanton, and Jesus Rojas have all been moved up to Jamestown for the last 11 games they have up there. He was old for the GCL at 21, but Rojas had a really good time there hitting .348/.425/.492 in 181 ABs. With Dominguez obviously claiming the 3B job in Greensboro next year they'll need to find him a new spot, he did play 2B in the VSL so hopefully he can fit in there.
  8. So I guess the question now is whether he can make it through his prison time without falling back into drug use. Of course now he has been convicted of a crime, is David Samson going to try telling Beinfest to release Allison outright?
  9. I lost my old Doakle login over there but I left a post there under the username Daben instead. The whole subject matter tends to get me a little upset, mainly due to the colossal ignorance shown by Dolphin fans who can't figure out that Wayne H is the reason the dirt infield is there. What I don't get is how they also let the Dolphins frankly steal money from them each year in prices and believe that the Dolphins really are trying to win at all costs. I'm a dolphin fan too, and while I do believe the organization is trying to win, the idea that Wayne H and Co aren't trying to bleed every single cent out of their fanbase they can is ludicrous.
  10. Didn't we used to have Edmonton as one of our affiliates? We had the Calgary Cannons as our AAA affiliate after we lost the Charlotte team. The Cannons relocated to Albuquerque and became the Isotopes.
  11. If there is any chance of getting the AAA team in Charlotte again then it'd be worth the effort. It would mean three of our four full season minor league teams would all be in NC, with the other obviously being local in Jupiter anyway. Its hard to imagine a better situation for our affiliate setup, based on what teams are out there currently.
  12. It looks like an error, but the article below about Aumont on mlb.com mentions us signing Dominguez for 1.7 million on monday. It also calls him a pitcher though, so like I said it might be an error. mlb.com article
  13. Christhian Martinez was perfect through the first seven innings, but allowed a hit to the leadoff guy in the eighth after Roxy Bernstein jinxed him on the radio broadcast by mentioning Martinez was perfect through six on the air.
  14. 2 hit shutout for Winters, and quite a month of July. He went 4-1 with a 2.08 era.
  15. Doakle

    Volstad to AA

    I hope Volstad hasn't become a Loria "favorite" though, that tag didn't work out so well for Justin Wayne. I think that's a stretch at this point to say... Yep I know, just a horrible thought that entered my mind
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