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The Final 5


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...A week later, let's see if anyone's opinion has changed based on tonight's performances.


Each contestant had 2 songs, and I believe each had their own highs and lows.


The question is, America--Who do you think deserves to go home?


The Contestants:




Elliott Yamin



Chris Daughtry



Katharine McPhee



Paris Bennett



Taylor Hicks

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I think it's either Paris or Chris.


Once it gets down to Katharine, Taylor and Elliott, it will be a tough vote. I like all three...but still stand by my decision that Taylor and Elliott will be the final 2.

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probably Paris leaves.... just on a popularity vote at this point.


Everyone seemed to do one good song & one not-so-hot.


- I didn't care for the Phil Collins song Katherine did, but the other one was very cute.


- Taylor's Play That Funky Music White Boy was nothing more than a sing-along, & that's where he gets in danger of being too much silly & not enough singing. His second song was terrific though & Simon noted that very same point.


- Paris was okay. Liked her second song better than Kiss by Prince.


- Elliot was good, he may be the only one who did 2 good songs actually, although I didn't catch most of his 2nd one.


- Chris... I may just be too biased against him to be objective at this point. 1st song was pretty good, 2nd one was typical oversinging & his voice was gone by then.

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