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Fan takes out insurance policy to cover against World Cup trauma


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LONDON ? (AP) ? A soccer fan is reported to have taken out a 1 million-pound (US$1.85 million; euro1.45 million) insurance policy to cover him against the trauma of England being knocked out early from the World Cup.


Paul Hucker on Wednesday told Britain's national news agency, the Press Association, that he paid 105 pounds (US$195; euro155) for the policy.


To collect, England would have to be knocked in the group stage of the June 9-July 9 tournament. England faces Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, and Sweden and is favored to advance.


In addition, a panel of five sports commentators would have to decide the exit was premature.


If Hucker can prove this, he then needs to provide medical evidence that the elimination caused him severe mental trauma.


"I feel very patriotic and very optimistic,'' he told the Press Association. "To have psychological trauma and depression is something I don't want.''


Hucker said friends thought he was joking when he explained the policy, but he maintains it's serious.


However, there appears to be a catch.


Hucker said the policy does not cover England failing to progress if it's a result of players being out because of foot injuries.


England's star striker Wayne Rooney broke his right foot on Saturday and England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson says he would need "a miracle'' to be fit for the monthlong tournament.




Now this is crazy...insurance peeps will sell whatever they can....this is funny :lol

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