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Juwan Howard caught stealing $1.5K pair of sunglasses

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Article: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/14554494.htm


Saw it on the news today...and there was security tape :mischief2 ...anyways the dealer has 5 pairs of sunglasses set out for Juwan. The dealer turns around, and Juwan, who's wearing some baggy cargo shorts, slips in a pair of $1500 shades into his pocket. So now he has the problem that there's only 4 pairs there, so he shuffles the glasses really quick, and the guy working there doesn't notice.


IMO not a huge story, it was wrong of him to steal it, but he's a millionaire, blah blah blah.


But what made this comedic gold was that Juwan stated that it was just "a big misunderstanding". ROFL! What? Who would possibly believe that?/end of rant

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