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Crazed man goes on rampage in NYC subway


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A man grabbed two cordless power saws off a subway station workbench and went on a rampage Thursday, swinging the saws at riders and slicing open a man's chest before running away, police said.


The 64-year-old victim, whose name was not released, was hospitalized in critical but stable condition. Police were searching for the suspect, described by witnesses as a thin man in his 30s, who had earrings in both ears and was possibly carrying a teddy bear.


The attack occurred before dawn at a subway station a few blocks south of Columbia University.


Wielding a saw in each hand, the man took a swipe at one rider on a platform and missed, police said. Moments later, he cut into the man's chest at a turnstile before bolting out of the station, still carrying the power tools, which were later found in a trash can.


Police were reviewing security camera videotape.


The attack came two weeks after a Boston man was charged with stabbing four people _ three of them tourists _ over a 13-hour period in the subway and the theater district in Manhattan.


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We need sensible saw control legislation NOW.


It must have been one of those scary pistol gripped assault saws. There is only one solution here: ban all assault saws.


Why didn't this assault saw have a trigger lock?


What ROGUE power tool dealer sold this saw?


There needs to be a 10-day "cooling off" period for all tools sold nation wide. Sorry sir, you won't be able to pick up your new belt sander until next Thursday.


Black & Decker needs to be sued for the criminal acts committed with THEIR power saw.


High Capacity batteries for cordless power tools must be outlawed.


Nationwide registration of all power tools must be enacted immediately.


All scary features of power tools must be immediately banned, no more pistol grip cordless drills.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We need to do it FOR THE CHILDREN. We have much work to do to prevent this from happening in the future, but TOGETHER, I believe we can do it.

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