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Jumpin' Jupiter


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Premature. Maybe not. Everybody's hot now.

Sure it would be too "unwieldy" for us to get a section in Jupiter for Spring Training. But, how about marlinsbaseball.com t-shirts and a suggestion which section we can congregate in. It's going to be a helluva Spring. And Jupiter is great. Just a thought for this long winter.

(p.s. Has to be some Teal in the t-shirt!)

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Trying to actually open a store again with MarlinsBaseball.com merchandise but I am trying to find a way to make it inexpensive to buy stuff. Not looking for profits here, just trying to find a place who will not rip people off.


As for the congregating idea, definetly could occur with the other Floridians. I, of course would not be able to attend.

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3 hour drive... and not a fun one.. lots of traffic by wpb area in afternoon. its kool for like 3 games but not alot. why not baltimore olriodles vs marlins instead at FT louderdale stadium? its better

3 hour drive to Jupiter? Where do you live, in the Keys? I live down in Cutler Ridge, and that isn't even a 2 hour trip.



BTW: I'd probably make the trip for the days when I'm not at work.

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um this is jupiter not ft. lauderdale cgator. i live in hollywood and trust me it takes 3 hours... with a little traaffic and I take I 95

You must be riding a bicycle then.


From Cutler Ridge (down in SW Dade County) to Jupiter (Northern Palm Beach County) takes less than 2 hours. At least once or twice a month I drive to northern Martin County (the county north of Palm Beach) and the trip is 2 hours flat.


Please explain to me how on earth you have 40 miles less to travel, but it takes at least an hour longer.


Never actually been there, have you?

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