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2006 Awards thread


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American League Player of the Week

4/2-4/9 Chris Shelton, Detroit

4/10-4/16 Jason Giambi, New York

4/17-4/23 Miguel Tejada, Baltimore

4/24-4/30 Ben Broussard, Cleveland, Kevin Mench, Texas

5/1-5/7 Joel Piniero, Seattle

5/8-5/14 Roy Halladay, Toronto

5/15-5/21 Scott Kazmir, Tampa Bay

5/22-5/28 Justin Verlander, Detroit, Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay

5/29-6/4 Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle

6/5-6/11 Joe Mauer, Minnesota

6/12-6/18 Paul Konerko, Chicago

6/19-6/25 Joe Crede, Chicago

6/26-7/2 Lyle Overbay, Toronto

7/3-7/16 Mark Kotsay, Oakland

7/17-7/23 Vernon Wells, Toronto

7/24-7/30 Mark Teahan, Kansas City

7/31-8/6 Travis Hafner, Cleveland, David Ortiz, Boston

National League Player of the Week

4/2-4/9 Garret Atkins, Colorado

4/10-4/16 Craig Wilson, Pittsburgh

4/17-4/23 Brandon Phillips, Cincinnatti

4/24-4/30 Chris Capuano, Milwaukee

5/1-5/7 Chase Utley, Philadelphia

5/8-5/14 Nomar Garciaparra, Los Angeles, Albert Pujols, St. Louis

5/15-5/21 Jason Bay, Pittsburgh, Pedro Feliz, San Francisco

5/22-5/28 Jason Bay, Pittsburgh (2)

5/29-6/4 Jose Castillo, Pittsburgh

6/5-6/11 Carlos Beltran, New York

6/12-6/18 Jose Reyes, David Wright, New York

6/19-6/25 Jose Reyes, New York (2)

6/26-7/2 Chipper Jones, Atlanta

7/3-7/16 Chris Carpenter, St. Louis

7/17-7/23 Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego

7/24-7/30 Carlos Beltran, New York (2), Chase Utley, Philadelphia (2)

7/31-8/6 Orlando Hudson, Arizona

Player of the Month

AL April: Jason Giambi, New York

NL April: Albert Pujols, St. Louis

AL May: Alex Rodriguez, New York

NL May: Jason Bay, Pittsburgh

AL June: Joe Mauer, Minnesota

NL June: David Wright, New York

AL July: David Ortiz, Boston

NL July: Chase Utley, Philadelphia

Pitcher of the Month

AL April: Jose Contreras, Chicago

NL April: Greg Maddux, Chicago

AL May: C.C. Sabathia, Cleveland

NL May: Jason Schmidt, San Francisco

AL June: Johan Santana, Minnesota

NL June: Chris Young, San Diego

AL July: John Lackey, Los Angeles

NL July: Carlos Zambrano, Chicago

Rookie of the Month

AL April: Jonathon Papelbon, Boston

NL April: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee

AL May: Justin Verlander, Detroit

NL May: Josh Johnson, Florida

AL June: Francisco Liriano, Minnesota

NL June: Josh Johnson (2), Dan Uggla, Florida

AL July: Francisco Liriano, Minnesota (2)

NL July: Josh Barfield, San Diego

All Star and Post-season Awards:

Home Run Derby Winner: Ryan Howard, Philadelphia

All Star MVP: Michael Young, Texas

Gold Golve Awards:

Silver Slugger Awards

End of Season Awards:

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