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Three Rangers suspended for Wednesday fight

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Showalter, Padilla, Feldman suspended

Texas trio reprimanded for parts in Wednesday's fracas


DETROIT -- The inevitable became reality Thursday.


Major League Baseball suspended Rangers manager Buck Showalter four games along with pitchers Vicente Padilla (five games) and Scott Feldman (six games) for their involvement in incidents this week that led to a ninth-inning fracas against the Angels in Arlington on Wednesday.


Showalter and Padilla will begin serving their suspensions Thursday. Feldman will serve his suspension when Padilla returns.


The suspensions come one day after a bench-clearing melee between the two American League West Division rivals and after a two-game stretch that featured eight hit batsman. On Tuesday, Padilla hit Vladimir Guerrero in the third inning and Juan Rivera two batters later before being ejected along with Showalter. Padilla has hit 14 batters this season.


On Wednesday, Feldman hit Angels second baseman Adam Kennedy in the back with a pitch with two outs in the ninth to push the visitors past the boiling point with Kennedy charging the mound.


In the eighth inning, Angels reliever Kevin Gregg was warned after throwing a pitch behind Ian Kinsler and ejected after hitting the next hitter, Michael Young, in the back. Brendan Donnelly took over for the Angels and he immediately drilled Freddy Guzman in the back. He stared into the Rangers dugout while home-plate umpire Sam Holbrook threw him out of the game.


Feldman took over in the ninth and retired two hitters before hitting Kennedy.


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Some Angels players got suspended for that one too, Angels second baseman Adam Kennedy and relievers Kevin Gregg and Brendan Donnelly were each suspended for four games, along with manager Mike Scioscia (three games) and bench coach Ron Roenicke (one game). I had heard that John Lackey got a suspension too, but I guess not. That was a pretty good brawl.



Still had nothing on Nolan Ryan putting Robin Ventura in a headlock and throwing 103 mph fists into his face. :notworthy

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Still had nothing on Nolan Ryan putting Robin Ventura in a headlock and throwing 103 mph fists into his face. :notworthy


i have a tape of that. that was pretty good.


espn did a top 10 brawls segment , that was awesome. they had roy campanella throwing his bat at a pitcher, albert belle tackling a guy. but my favorite of all time is that redsox-yankee fight on july 24,2003. that's the one with a-rod and tek

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