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Don Vito Arrested


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I'll give you a few spaces to guess what it's for.





















Bam Margera's Uncle 'Don Vito' Held On Sex Charges

Margera, 50, accused of two incidents of sexual assault on a child.


(AP) LAKEWOOD, Colo. Reality television's Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, uncle of "Viva La Bam" star Bam Margera, was held without bond Saturday on a charge of sexual assault on a child.


Margera, 50, was arrested Friday night after a skateboarding event at a Lakewood mall. He is accused of two incidents of sexual assault on a child, city spokeswoman Stacie Oulton said. She said the charges involved inappropriate touching.


The MTV show "Viva La Bam" focuses largely on Bam Margera playing practical jokes on his parents and uncle, whose dialogue is often unintelligible.


Vincent Margera came to Colorado to film promotional material for ManiaTV.com, which first reported his arrest. ManiaTV.com founder Drew Massey said Margera had finished his work before the arrest.


Bam Margera, a professional skateboarder, was not with his uncle on the trip.




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I'm not gonna jump on him yet.



Anything under 18and 0 days is child, for all we know some girl seventeen and 7 months got into one of bams parties and vito didn't know any better





I agree.


I'm not saying he's guilty yet. Because I have some faith in our system and I believe people are innocent until proven guilty (even Maurice Clarret). Sorry if I gave that impression.

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