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People Don't get it


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Alright I am a regular on Orioleshangout.com. I don't post, but i read the board. I know the Orioles Minor League system better than everyone on the board, but i wish i could complain to them about how stupid they are. Right now the O's have a prospect, Paco Figueroa, who is doing well at HIGH A Frederick. These guys basically write him off because he's 23 years old. First of all, he's suffered an injury, and second of all he was drafted out of Miami last year. Give the guy a break. Sometimes NOT all the time, it takes players multiple years of experience to make it to the big leagues. They develop at their own rate.

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but in their defense, he is playing with a bunch of 20-21 year olds


and furthermore, he isnt exactly lighting up high-A either


.285/.359/.379 is nice but nothing amazing


considering he is out of college, he should be on the fast track to the bigs, but he isnt exactly and uber spect either

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Players at a high level of ability with less experience typically succeed at new challenges. There's no tried and true science to evaluating prospects. It's probably not best to speak in absolutes in such a case, but often times it's unavoidable to make your point clear.

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