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Endless Wire


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Ok, normally these bands from the 60's and 70's still putting out music is embarassing (ahem, the Stones). But I've heard a few tracks from Endless Wire and it should be their best work since their heyday. Here are few songs from the new LP ... Personally I like 2000 Years and Marty Robbins, but they all sound quality. Pete is definitely at the top of his craft again.


2000 Years

Mirror Door

Good Looking Boy

Marty Robbins

(Written for his girlfriend, Rachel Fuller)

Man in a Purple Dress


Enjoy -- it comes out on Halloween and I'm preordering it!

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Unlike the Stones, Pete wasn't going to release crap for the sake of releasing something.


Anyone who has listened to anything the Who released after Keith died, or anyone who has listened to 90% of Pete's solo career would vehemently disagree.





2 words for ya.






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IMO the mini opera is much better than the first half. Mirror is my favorite song on the album. It doesn't sound exactly like the Who of old while still retaining the Who flavor. I can sorta feel the lack of Entwistle on the album though. It's still well worth the price and is certainly worthwhile. The bonus CD's are pretty much rubbish though.

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