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FSL top 20 prospects (according to BA)


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Florida State League Top 20 Prospects List


Pitching prospects flock to FSL


By J.J. Cooper









1. Homer Bailey, rhp, Sarasota (Reds)


2. Yovanni Gallardo, rhp, Brevard County (Brewers)


3. Scott Elbert, lhp, Vero Beach (Dodgers)


4. Ryan Braun, 3b, Brevard County (Brewers)


5. Donald Veal, rhp, Daytona (Cubs)


6. Colby Rasmus, of, Palm Beach (Cardinals)


7. Mark Rogers, rhp, Brevard County (Brewers)


8. Mike Carp, 1b, St. Lucie (Mets)


9. Blake DeWitt, 2b/3b, Vero Beach (Dodgers)


10. Kevin Slowey, rhp, Fort Myers (Twins)


11. Sean Gallagher, rhp, Daytona (Cubs)


12. Terry Evans, of, Palm Beach (Cardinals)


13. Gaby Hernandez, rhp, Jupiter (Marlins)


14. Johnny Cueto, rhp, Sarasota (Reds)


15. Jaime Garcia, lhp, Palm Beach (Cardinals)


16. Jair Jurrjens, rhp, Lakeland (Tigers)


17. Jose Mijares, lhp, Fort Myers (Twins)


18. Alexi Casilla, ss/2b, Fort Myers (Twins)


19. Ryan Patterson, of, Dunedin (Blue Jays)


20. Greg Golson, of, Clearwater (Phillies)

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Hughes played the great majority of his season in the Eastern League and Garza's prolonged call to the higher levels/majors torched his eligiblity as well.



Right about Hughes, I figured he probably wouldn't qualify due to lack of IP in the FSL, but in terms of Top Prospects that went through the FSL this year (all statistical qualifications aside) he's got to be number 1.




But, Garza's prolonged call to the higher levels/majors? I don't get the thinking behind that. The guy was just taken in last years ameteur draft and had his first year in pro ball. Than this year he goes from Single A to the show in a span of about 3 and a half months. If anything he was on the fast-track, definitely not prolonged.

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