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Burning DVDs from iTunes


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i do believe the movie files on itunes are encoded at like 250x200 or something small like that... to fit an ipod screen.


so uh... it's gonna look like sh*t on a tv.


interesting, for when I do watch them on my computer full screen, they look alright

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I use Intervideo WinDVD, and that has support for actual mpeg files as well..It is not free, but if you wanna give it a shot, PM me cause I got the hookup on all that stuff fo' free! :p


If you bought it off iTunes though, it probobly is protected, meaning you may not be able to burn it using this program. If that's the case, I could ATTEMPT to find a MPEG protection cracker, but that's not very likely because I havn't seen one around lately..If you want mroe help, PM me (I hope it emails me when I get a PM because I havn't come by here in a while..) and I'll help ya..


Good luck!

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