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Question about nVidia cards.


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My friend recently purchased this 3D card for his computer.


Geforce 7300GS 256MB DDR2 Pci-e


His computer keeps telling him it's 512MB despite everything else matching it exactly. Any idea of what's going on.

That card is the EXACT same card as the 512MB card only it has less onboard memory and no SLI support mode. Windows is probably just seeing it as the 512MB version. It shouldn't be a problem.


This particular card has a technology they call "TurboCache" which allows the card to dynamically use part of the system memory if/when needed.


One thing worth trying is to go to the nVidia site and download any driver updates. It may correct the problem.


It's an awesome card and I'm slightly jealous. I think you should tell him it is defective and have him ship it to me. :mischief

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