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Future Fish Top 50 Marlins Prospects


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Oh, it's that time a year for MaverickBall.com to unleash their top prospects but this year they are going all out. Not the top 10. Not the top 30. But the top 50 Marlins prospects. So you're telling me there are more than just 30 prospects in the Marlins system? Yes. This is what I am telling you. Sit down. Relax. Let it all sink in. That's right. You are about to be inundated with stats and scouting reports on the Marlins top 50 prospects. Christmas has come early! And so has Hanukkah, even if Hanukkah sometimes comes early anyway.


For the next few weeks, we will be unraveling 5 prospects at a time, counting down from 50 all the way to number 1. So get excited, I am.


Future Fish Top 50 Marlins Spects


50. Eric Reed

49. Brad Davis

48. Trevor Hutchinson

47. Chris Mobley

46. Andy Jenkins

45. John Raynor

44. Paul Mildren

43. Justin Jacobs

42. Blake Jones

41. Daniel Barone

40. Edgar V. Gonzalez

39. Ben Julianel

38. Scott Nestor

37. Alejandro De Aza

36. Christopher Young

35. Robert Andino

34. Jarrett Santos

33. Brad McCann

32. Hector Correa

31. Brett Hayes

30. Travis Talbott

29. Jose Campusano

28. J.T. Restko

27. Don Czyz

26. Brett Carroll

25. Grant Psomas

24. Jeff Van Houten

23. Kyle Winters

22. Jason Stokes

21. Ryan Tucker

20. Todd Doolittle

19. Matt Lindstrom

18. Scott Tyler

17. Jesus Delgado

16. Kris Harvey

15. Torre Langley

14. Scott Cousins

13. Harvey Garcia

12. Jacob Marceaux

11. Rick Vanden Hurk

10. Gaby Sanchez

9. Henry Owens

8. Thomas Hickman

7. Chris Coghlan

6. Jose Garcia

5. Brett Sinkbeil

4. Gaby Hernandez

3. Aaron Thompson

2. Sean West

1. Chris Volstad


Other prospects:

Jai Miller

Greg Burns

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