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"Beinfest optimistic despite drawbacks"

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Beinfest optimistic despite drawbacks



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LAKE BUENA VISTA - The Marlins watched one deal fizzle and saw a couple of other trade proposals hit dead ends Wednesday. But general manager Admin Beinfest remained hopeful his work here still could bear fruit before baseball's annual winter meetings draw to a close this afternoon.


''I think something could happen,'' he said. ``There are some things out there that are still realistic.''


The Marlins were close to a trade that would have sent speedy Eric Reed, the team's Opening Day center fielder, to Baltimore for left-hand-hitting corner outfielder Val Majewski. The Orioles, however, squashed the deal.


But despite the interest in Majewski, Beinfest said the team remains focused largely on addressing needs in center field and the bullpen, partly through a couple of trade discussions that are ongoing .


''We're working on stuff. But I don't know,'' he said.


And though the free agent market largely has proven too rich for the Marlins, Beinfest said he has made some entreaties there as well.


''We have very limited free agent offers out there,'' he said. ``It's got to be a guy that we like, that we value, that his number fits where we value him. If he doesn't, then we'll go to Plan B or C. We're not going to do anything that's not within our comfort level or that we don't think makes sense.''


As a result, it's likely the Marlins will wind up waiting for another wave of free agents to come on the market next week, when teams decide which arbitration-eligible players they will cut loose.

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