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NASCAR CEO caught street racing and driving erratically


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The irony :lol


Inquiry: Cops didn't give NASCAR CEO special treatment


DAYTONA BEACH - (AP) -- Officers who responded to NASCAR President Brian France's condominium last month after a witness reported he was driving erratically did not give him special treatment, the Volusia County State Attorney's Office said.


The state attorney reviewed the results of an internal investigation conducted by Daytona Beach police and determined last week that authorities handled the case properly.


On Nov. 6, a motorist called 911 after spotting a man in a Lexus racing down Ridgewood Avenue, Orange Avenue and Beach Street.


The caller, store clerk Shirley Hill of Daytona Beach, followed France to the guard shack of his condo while she spoke to the dispatcher and described how the man was driving on curbs, struck a parked car and scraped a tree.


When questioned, France told officers he was driving and drinking a soda when he ''bumped into something,'' the initial report states. When police checked the inside of his four-door car, they saw evidence of a spilled soft drink.


The 44-year-old France was not cited and he was not given a field sobriety test. Police at the scene said he did not smell of alcohol, Chief Mike Chitwood said at the time, although he ordered an internal investigation to be conducted.



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I don't see the big deal with this. Obviously he is a wreckless driver, but so are tons of people, and I would even bet almost everyone here has a friend who is.


The cops didn't smell any alchohol on him, and found proof of a spilled soft drink, just like he said.


And where did the street racing come from?

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Street racing gets trumped up sometimes by cops. Two of my friends were arrested for "racing" when all they did was accelerate when the light turned green. They never even got the chance to pass the speed limit, but it's all in the cops discretion.


Anyways, I would have assumed that the NASCAR CEO was a fast driver. I mean, not shocking stuff here. And 3/4 of the drivers in the country are reckless for one reason or another.

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