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WVU Fan caught doing....well.....just take a look

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WVU fan arrested for defecating in Tech band seats

A West Virginia fan was arrested during the Gator Bowl game this week for defecating in seats reserved for the Georgia Tech band. According to an eyewitness report, the drunk WVU fan went to the Georgia Tech band seats when the band went to play on the field and left his mark, so to speak. When Tech saw what was happening, they reported it to the band and the cops.


At the end of the second quarter, the band was in position on the field, leaving their section empty. I walked to the bottom of the band section to get some panorama shots of the stadium and then returned to my seat. I noticed a West Virginia fan standing in the middle of the Georgia Tech Band seating area, with his pants around his knees.

As this is unusual, I pointed the walking stereotype to my fiance', a Virginia Tech alumni. She had been preparing me for the encounters with West Virginia fans and this individual only supported her prior observations.


Then things got ugly.


The WVU fan then dropped his drawers and defecated on one of the Georgia Tech band section seats.


I turned the camera on and snapped the below series of pictures...




The Georgia Tech fans around us saw the incident and were also speechless.


My first stop was to one of the Georgia Tech Band members remaining in the section. I introduced myself as a Georgia Tech alumni and apologized to him for what I had to say next. The story was repeated with accompanying pictures. The band member was in shock and then thanked me for looking out for the band. He went to find a member of the stadium facilities managment staff. I went to find a law enforcement officer.


The Police Officer was in disbelief that behavior such as this would actually occur. The officer requested that the WVU fan walk up to the portal to discuss the incident. Walking up the stairs was a little too much for the WVU fan as he apparently had imbibed quite a large quantity of alcohol. Falling UP the stairs twice did not help his cause with the officer...


We could hear the WVU fan screaming, 'y'all ain't got no proof I did nothin!' repeatedly as the officer questioned him on the 'leavings' in the seat. The officer motioned for me to bring my camera over and show the pictures to the WVU fan. Well, two things happened as he saw the images. One, he stopped protesting. Two, he vomited down the front of his shirt (always a classy move).


For what it's worth, the rest of the WVU fans treated us with respect. It was a great game.


What is it with crapping on the bands? First it was Texas A&M, now it's this WVU guy.


I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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