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Anyone want a beerbelly?


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This is awesome. Its a pouch that holds more than a 6 pack of beer. You wear it like a back pack, except on the front of your body so that it looks like a belly. Its made with special material so when they pat you down it feels real. I am getting one for sure.

I remember reading about it in SI. The guy put it on thinking he would get caught, but it passed the test.


They also have a wine rack for women, which is a bra that holds wine.



I also discovered a stadium pal (stadiumpal.com) which lets you pee from your seat! The urine goes into a pouch strapped to your leg.

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Rick Reilly did an article on this. He actually wore one to a dodgers game. Almost got busted.


Ya its on the website. I saw a clip from cnn, its also on the site, if you fill the bag up all the way it looks akward. I think if you dont fill it up all the way, or put something stronger inside it should be fine. I think I will get it.

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I fear the day that I become so lazy that I can't get up out of my seat at a Marlins game to go to the bathroom.


I dont think its so much for marlins games. There are tons of bathrooms at dolphins stadium and you never have to wait. Some stadiums have like 15 min waits, so if you go to the bathroom 2-3 times you could miss up to 45 min.

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