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Sarasota Reds/Daytona Cubs some photos


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Don't know if anyone cares or not, but it's late, I'm bored, and feel like posting something.


Some photos I took at tonights game; The Reds won 6-1. They've got a pretty ridiculous team this year, best record in the FSL.


On a side note; I'm obviously no scout, but I've been going to FSL games since I was real little and have seen quite a few impressive hitters come through the league, but I haven't seen anyone quite like Jay Bruce in terms of pure ability. The guy is an animal at the plate, on the base paths and in CF. He's got it all. I haven't been to a game yet in which he hasn't been right on the ball, even his outs are loud.


Sarasota Reds vs. Daytona Cubs Album

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No problem, dude. I should be going to some more games soon so I'll take some more (gives me something to do while I'm watching). I really wanna catch one or two of Travis Woods starts, haven't seen him pitch yet.


Hey I'll give you a heads up when it happens, but a local kid here from southern Illinois might make his way to Fort Meyers sometime this season. Brian Dinkelman, a 2B in the Twins system(he is in A ball, but might move up soon).


Will you keep an eye out for him and give me a heads up how he looks?

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