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Wallpaper Changer Program


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I have Webshots on my home computer and my laptop. I tried to get it at work, but I can't install it because I need the admin account to do so. Does anyone know a good wallpaper program that I can use?


Right now, I am using EvJo Wallpaper Changer. It kind of sucks because it keeps deleting wallpapers I have been adding, so then I have to go back and add them again.



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I'm looking for something similar. For my wallpaper, I use an html file. That way I have no icons on my desktop, but a conveniently organized list on the right ahnd side of my screen, favorite links on the top left, Google Search in the middle left, and weather on the right monitor. What I would like to do is get some html code that will load up a different wallpaper each time I boot up. Here's a look at what my desktop currently looks like.




Bare in mind that is two monitors you are looking at.

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