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College Lacrosse Championship

Mabdul Doobakus

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So...after half the country (including myself) jumped all over the Duke lacrosse team and basically bought into that crazy woman's allegations without waiting for the whole truth to come out...Duke now finds itself back in the NCAA final against St. John's...the same spot they were in back in 2005 when they lost a tight 9-8 game. Duke didn't get the chance to compete for a championship last year, so in a way, this is back-to-back appearances for them. And while I remember being mildly disappointed when I watched them lose in '05, I really hope they pull off the win this year.


In case you missed it, Duke advanced today in a classic against Cornell. Duke scored 8 straight to go up 10-3 with about 20 minutes left. But Cornell stormed all the way back to tie it at 11 with 17 seconds left. And then, in a play that was strangely reminiscent of the Laettner vs. Kentucky play in the NCAA Regional Final, Duke scored the winning goal with 3 seconds left. A highlight clip can be found here:



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It was a nice comeback, but Duke just couldn't get over the hump. Hopkins scored like 2 seconds in...and from that point they were basically in control. There was a nice 2 second interlude in the 4th where Duke had an advantage for the first time all game. It was tied at 11, and Duke's goalie had possession of the ball. Too bad he threw it right to the other team, which led to the game-winning goal.

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